2004 Republican National Convention - Baby and the Boomer, You Can't Get There From Here

New Country Song Spoofs Boston Traffic Jams Anticipated For Democratic National Convention

"You Can't Get There From Here"
Recorded by Baby & The Boomers

Harwich Port, MA - July 8, 2004 -- KelMatt Music is releasing a new song in the Country category that spoofs the traffic situation expected to be caused by the Democratic National Convention being held in Boston, July 26-29.

Called "You Can't Get There From Here," [LISTEN] the song has been recorded by a new band, "Baby & The Boomers," featuring guitarist Bruce Maclean and singer/songwriter Maureen Condon - whose songs have been performed nationwide by a variety of pop and classical singers, and recorded by rising young Pop and Jazz Singer Heather Spatz.

Maureen Condon was inspired to write "You Can't Get There From Here," when she learned that the company she works for, Intranets.com, in Woburn, MA, was offering its service for free to help commuters hold meetings, share documents, and stay in touch - even if they can't get to the office during the DNC.

The tongue-in-cheek lyric begins:

I was driving down to Boston, heading South on 93,
When abruptly I remembered all those warnings on TV.
There's a mighty big convention and the detour signs were clear:
Oh, you can't get there from here!

You can hear "You Can't Get There From Here" online at www.babyandtheboomers.com or at a special DNC site hosted by Intranets.com, where Ms. Condon is employed. (To learn more about the special offer from Intranets.com, simply visit www.intranets.com/dnc.)

About the Songwriter
Maureen Condon's music has been performed by a wide variety of artists including Broadway star Christiane Noll, Massachusetts' Singing State Trooper Sgt. Dan Clark, rising young pop and jazz singer Heather Spatz, and classical singer Anne Runolfsson, at such venues as Walt Disney World, the Boston Marathon, the Tweeter Center, Boston's Esplanade Hatch Shell, the Opryland Hotel, and on radio stations such as WBIX, WBET, and WQRC.

Her songs include: "We Are Americans", a tribute to the Americans who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001; "Christmas on Cape Cod"; "When I Think of Christmas"; and "A Moment in Times Square," several of which have been performed by the Cape Symphony Orchestra. In addition, proceeds from the sale of "We Are Americans," as performed by Sgt. Dan Clark, have been contributed to the United Way of Massachusetts Bay.

For more information on Maureen Condon and her music, or for a complete set of lyrics to "You Can't Get There From Here", visit: www.babyandtheboomers.com.

For more information on Bruce Maclean, contact: Maclean Studio, 275 Main Street, Harwich Port, MA. 508-432-8484. www.macleanstudio.com


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